Major UK medical body urges promotion of vaping to smokers

Nicotine without smoke-1_0
According to the Royal College of Physicians, electronic cigarettes are “not a gateway to smoking”. Also, they “do not result in the normalisation of smoking” and are “likely to lead to quit attempts that would otherwise not have happened”. They cannot rule out potential longer term risk, but that risk is considered “substantially smaller than the risk from smoking tobacco”.
“This report lays to rest almost all of the concerns over these products, and concludes that, with sensible regulation, electronic cigarettes have the potential to make a major contribution towards preventing the premature death, disease and social inequalities in health that smoking currently causes in the UK. Smokers should be reassured that these products can help them quit all tobacco use forever.”
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New FDA Regs effectively ban 99.9% of all vapor products

What do you think folks?

“The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association (CASAA) is condemning the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) tobacco deeming regulations that will effectively ban 99.9% of the vapor products currently on the market.

CASAA is justifiably outraged that the FDA has opted to squander a monumental opportunity to greatly improve the health and well-being of the public. Moreover, the FDA has demonstrated a clear lack of regard for the most recent scientific evidence and advice from public health professionals that support the promotion of vapor products to smokers as an effective means to reduce the harms of smoking. FDA has turned its back on millions of smokers and their families with the finalization of these regulations.”

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Excerpts from a New York Times article from May 5, 2016 …

“After years of debate .. the Food and Drug Administration issued sweeping new rules that for the first time extend federal regulatory authority to e-cigarettes”. “The long-awaited regulations, 499 pages of them, shifted the terms of the public debate over e-cigarettes, putting the federal government’s heft behind a more restrictive approach to the devices.”

“The rules, which take effect in 90 days, have broad implications for public health and the tobacco industry. They subject producers to federal regulation for the first time, requiring them to register with the F.D.A. and provide it with a detailed account of their products’ ingredients and their manufacturing processes. Producers will also have to apply to the F.D.A. for permission to sell their products. That includes vape shops that mix their own e-cigarette liquid.

“This is not regulation — it is prohibition,” the American Vaping Association, a trade group for the industry, said in a statement. It said that submitting an application to get a product approved would take more than 1,700 hours and cost more than $1 million.”

This new FDA ruling is set to be published in the Federal Register on 05/10/2016 and available online at this link. Here is a direct link to the new 499 page document for those who want to wade through it.

We believe the FDA has greatly overstepped its bounds on this one folks. It remains to be seen how – and IF – the industry will survive this blow.

Connection Problems with Coil Heads & Cartomizers – Pulling the Pole

Non functional atomizer or cartomizer?Frustrated with non-functional coil heads or cartomizers?
Sometimes coil heads inexplicably stop working when you thread a tank back onto a battery or mod. The coil head seemed to work just fine just before you removed the tank, yet now it seems to have stopped completely. In other instances a new coil head may never work at all.

This may be the result of a relatively common situation known as a “soft pole”. The pole is basically the bottom of the coil head, and one can see the pole exposed to view when a tank is unscrewed from a battery.

What is a soft pole?
With a soft pole, when the tank is threaded onto a battery or mod the pole can be pressed up into the coil head a tiny bit such that the next time the tank is threaded onto a battery the pole no longer makes contact with the battery. Depending on the depth of the contact point in a battery or mod (tiny differences can make all the difference) certain batteries might push the pole up a bit high such that other batteries will not make contact.

eSmokeClub - Soft Mushy Atomizer / Coil Head - Pulling the Poll
In other situations either the coil head is manufactured such that the pole is a bit high to start with, thus preventing a contact when the tank is threaded on.The bottom line is that no contact means the coil head won’t fire, thus no vapor.

What’s the fix?
It is a relatively simple fix called “pulling the pole”, and there are two ways to go about it.

Method #1 – Take a very tiny screwdriver or paperclip or a thin tool – one small enough to fit up into the hole on the bottom of the coil head (the pole). Cock the screwdriver at a slight angle and just “pull the pole” out a tiny bit. Repeat this 2 or 3 times, moving the screwdriver to a new location each time.

eSmokeClub - Soft Mushy Atomizer - Pull the Poles on Coil Heads or Cartomizers

Method #2 – Use a small pair of tweezers or perhaps a pair of needle nose pliers to grasp the end of the coil head, and then wiggle / pull it out just a tiny bit.

The goal is with either method is to pull the pole out (or down) in order to ensure the bottom of the poll makes contact with the inside bottom of whatever you threading it onto the next time. A millimeter or two is often the right amount, though you can not overdo it, so don’t be nervous. Some even pull the poll all the way out, then reinsert it just slightly, thus ensuring a good contact the next time around.

How long does it take?
The entire “pulling the pole” process should take only a few seconds, and this is only necessary if you find you have no vapor immediately after installing a new coil head or if a known good working coil head doesn’t work after removing the tank to add e-liquid.

Separate Yourself from the Rest


untitledUnique Party Favor Options

People tend to stress themselves out trying to plan a party, worrying about everything from décor to the party favors. The party favors are important because it is what people take home in remembrance of your event. Often times people try to find the most unique and creative things to give away.

These days it is easy to personalize a coke or M&M’s with your event or name on them and give them out, but now it is really common to do so. Not very often do you see party favors that are suitable for adults. You can go all the way to the extreme like giving out sex toys for instance, or keeping it simple and giving shot-sized bottles or e-cigarettes for vaping.

Vaping is definitely a healthier alternative for smoking, not to mention the variety of flavors you can choose from, which eSmoke Club also obtains. It would make a unique party gift for your friends. For more information visit our website or call (866)657-0088

Having Fun with It!

ssGo crazy with customization

To many, vaping is a lifestyle. To others, vaping is a culture. For some, vaping is a hobby. One thing’s for sure, it’s many different things to many different people. Vaping attracts a wide audience for a number of reasons. One of those reasons is customization.

Customization is alive and well with vaping. There is a seemingly endless selection of liquids, accessories, and equipment for enthusiasts to mix, match, and enjoy. Such diversity invites more and more people to vaping every day. People latch on to the idea that they can pick up the interest, try different equipment & liquids, and develop a style of vaping that is uniquely theirs.

We, at eSmokeClub, are very aware of the modifying tendencies of vaping, offering many different products for aficionados. We invite folks who are interested in vaping to visit our website or call (866)-657-0088 to learn how to give it a try!

Feeling Young


E-cigarettes, a favorite among the youth

Step aside paper cigarette, the electronic cigarette is now the preferred manner of smoking for young people. The traditional cigarette is quickly being replaced by its vapor based counterpart, thanks in part to surging technology and safer, better-tasting liquids.

A new youth culture

The popularity of e-cigs has resulted in the creation of a culture. One where young people, heavily invested in tobacco free cigarettes, congregate, socialize, and bond with the electronic cigarette as the glue. It has become so ingrained in the lives of today’s youth, e-cig MODs, pens, and pipes have practically become outfit accessories.

No company has ushered in the youthful era of e-cigarettes like eSmokeClub. On their website you’ll find everything you need to jump head first into this exciting lifestyle. Visit the website or call (866)-657-0088 for more information on how to start vaping and embrace your youth!

Electronic Cigarettes



And going tobacco free

Tobacco cigarettes are probably thee most notoriously addictive substances in history. A traditionally chic pastime with incredibly detrimental side effects, cigarette smoking has reached the point where it is no longer trendy. As a result of this, smokers, worldwide, seem to be in an endless pursuit to kick the habit. As documented, this pursuit is extremely difficult. However, with the help of electronic cigarettes and vaping, it may not prove to be as tough.

Abandon smoking, begin vaping

There are so many dangerous elements from tobacco missing from vaping, it’s laughable. For one, your lung’s exposure to harmful carcinogens is reduce monumentally. Second, the tobacco stench is gone, replaced with various, intoxicating (figuratively speaking) aromas. Not to mention, the scores of money wasted on the increasingly expensive packs of cigarettes. It’s a switch that, if anything, is too desirable and advantageous to ignore.

Especially with the eSmokeClub on the web. Our stock of new and exciting electronic cigarette juices and equipment is of the best quality. We offer, not just a better alternative to tobacco, but the best in healthy alternatives to tobacco. Visit our website or call (866)-657-0088 for more information!



Widespread rules and regulations make it very difficult for busy folks to be smokers. Forcing them outside for a smoke tightens their already airtight schedules. The same goes for when they have to “run out” and snag a fresh pack – plans derailed.

It doesn’t have to be like that! In fact, for members of the eSmokeClub, life is nothing like that. Many of our members maintain active lifestyles and are still able to enjoy smoking as a hobby. How? The answer lies in the eCig.

Current, accessible, and exceptional

Just as it is described above, eCigs are advanced, handy, and just plain cool. They’re technologically advanced, free of the many toxins prevalent in tobacco cigarettes, so smoke inside. Long gone are the walks to the “smoking area.” Also, with the help of the eSmokeClub, you can have everything you need delivered straight to your house, so forget those trips to the market!

It has never been easier to enjoy smoking. If you’re always on the go, sign up for eSmokeClub and keep on keepin-on! Visit our website for more information!

Fine-Tune Your E-Cig Flavor


Online Tobacco Free Cigarettes

The advantages of e-cigarettes over traditional methods of smoking are numerous. In addition to their portability and lack of carbon monoxide, the flavors of e-cigarettes is an appealing point for smokers. At E Smoke Club, we take those simple flavorings and add new twists with our flavor adjusters. Customizability is key, and with the Bitter Wizard, Ethyl Maltol, Koolada, MTS Vape Wizard, and Sweetener, you can develop fun, intriguing flavors that are completely your own.

LorAnn Candy Flavoring

Mix these fun flavor adjusters with our wonderful concentrated flavorings from industry titans such as LorAnn, Capella, Flavour Art, and Perfumers apprentice. These adjustments give you a whole new license to create flavors that you want to taste when you smoke. To buy flavor adjusters or to check out our other lines of great cartomizers, E liquids, starter kits, or accessories, visit our online store and join the Club for a Revolution in Smoking!

Create Your Own Flavor!


Capella Flavor Drops

Once you’ve established a few favorites in the Ecig world, it is time to experiment! You can create an entirely new flavor, something people have never yet experienced. This concept gives Ecigs an even more alluring quality, because the combinations are only limited by your own imagination and ingenuity. From Capella and Flavour Art to Perfurmers Apprentice, we have over 80 different enticing flavorings for you to choose from.

Lorann Candy Flavoring

You can take existing pre-flavored eLiquids to freshen up old flavors or add them to our DIY flavorless eLiquid to develop your own unique creation. So stop by our website and peruse our collection of flavors to get started!